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God Reveals The Mystery Behind Worldy Success

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I spend the latter half of my life in deep thought, sometimes in isolation, but always trying to figure out how to cope with life. I have been very blessed and fortunate that God, the revealer of mysteries, has explained to me why the people of this world who attain fame, success, and riches are still miserable. He revealed it to me as everywhere I looked, I seen my own mortality staring right back at me.

As strange as this may sound, I always knew that we all died, and I had always been very much aware that I was going to die someday too, but after I turned 35, my perspective and perception on life had drastically changed in a way that was very strange to me. The more knowledge and understanding that I prayed for, the more of it I received in great measure, and this knowledge that I asked for ironically seemed to always sadden my soul.

In my short life, I had learned of powerful and influential people who have met sudden death. I’ve learned of Politicians, Activists and Revolutionaries alike all metaphorically falling by the sword. I have received dreadful news of some of the most beloved entertainers of our time, Artists, Poets, Musicians, and Athletes all meet their end irrespective to their youth, health, celebrity, and wealth. I’ve read of some of our brightest geniuses, inventors, and intellectuals of our time, all of whom ceased to be, regardless of their brilliance or contributions toward humanity.

This opinion piece wouldn’t be considered accurately objective unless I mentioned that the poor, obsolete, downtrodden, and reckless all die the same too. So shares the fate of the business owner who has just purchased his first store, as well as the wife who has just given birth to her first child, nonetheless, both are taken without warning, and both had much to look forward to. I’ve read tragic stories of the Groom who had just walked his Bride down the aisle, or the teenager who had just graduated from High School, all equally shown neither bias nor prejudice, all died without warning, as each of them left everything they’ve ever owned behind. It is such a cruel twist of fate when you believe that your purpose as a human being is fulfillment, and you seek out that very fulfillment through the pursuit of a career or upon the collection of possessions and the consumption of money. But the question still begs why are human beings still miserable after achieving, amassing, and accumulating assets?

God has revealed to me that it is because the person’s "House" is empty. This is not a residential house like one a family would live in, but this "House" refers to the body, which is also known as the temple. The problem that God revealed to me was that these individuals were spending more time accumulating assets on the outside of themselves, all while leaving their inner "House" empty and void. Like an actual residential house, it is the assets accumulated on the inside that make it a real home and worth living in, (Furnishings, Appliances, Dishes, Beds, etc). It is these assets on the inside of the house that directly contribute to the tenant’s peace of mind, sense of self identity, comfort, joy, protection, and warmth as the home serves as the individual’s personal sanctuary and their humble abode. In the same likeness, if the "House" that represents the individual’s body is left neglected, it will leave the individual’s inner abode completely void.

A house with no assets is cold, empty, barren, and deprived. It is largely uninhibited due to the lack of resources that were never accumulated from within. When resources are accumulated outside of us, we often fail to remember to accumulate spiritual assets on the inside. Many people unfortunately spend their entire lives accumulating things outside of themselves and God reveals that living like this means you’ve already served your purpose and reached your destination.

As a result of "solely" living for a certain career or living to attain a certain means of wealth you unknowingly end the human pursuit of seeking the soul's purpose for yourself in consequence. Instead, we should be pursuing true "Authentic Purpose" which embodies a unique devotion and responsibility towards mankind for the greater good of all. This humanitarianist ideology contains profound meaning and substance versus the concept of "Self-serving purpose" which in contrast, is completely absent of the principles of altruism. Authentic Purpose tends to linger in perpetuity throughout the soul of a person's earthly life. It contributes directly to the journey of growth and development that is indelibly a lifelong process.

Unfortunately, this complex philosophy is largely misunderstood by a wide majority of society. In simpler terms, if you've made the object of your life's purpose "seeking out a specific career" and you're able to do it, then now you've served the purpose that you attributed to yourself. By default, you no longer have anything to look forward to as you’ve already reached the highest pinnacle of your life. This does not negate the vacations and shopping sprees that reap the fruits of your labor, however, you've attributed strong purpose to secular achievements only to face the realization of the true temporal nature of those accomplishments. In life, you defeat the odds to reach your life's goal. Your reward is then the manifestation of all that you own and have accomplished, but since you did not defeat death itself, you now have to face the realization that you’ve worked very hard for things that will only ever be loaned to you on consignment. Your life’s work is not yours to keep. You must give it all back to the world on the day you take your last breath. This is such a cruel revelation that God has revealed to me.

But all is not lost, as I was also shown that when people spend their entire earthly lives pursuing God, then it is only those people who have a real viable future. God is the last thing we’ll see after the conclusion of this life. He signals the end of our material life in which we lived, while at the same time signaling the beginning of a whole new life with Him in the clouds. Accumulating "Spiritual" assets in your bodily “House” gives you something to look forward to and secures an inheritance that you can take with you past this life. Your inheritance is all that you’ve worked for here on earth, and it has the power to integrate and wondrously transcend itself right into your next life. In this way, you get to keep possession of your assets on the other side.

It is important to have hope and to have a future to look forward to as God promises us these very things when we stay focused on Him. Our temporary stay in the “World” should be looked at as a journey meant to accumulate spiritual treasures on the inside in the form of virtue, morality, and character. As we each travel the road of our own mortality, irrespective to the amount of time we each may have, God nonetheless is always warning us about falling into the trappings of a temporary life.

Matthew 6:21 (NLT)

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”

God wants us to pursue things for the pure love and joy of it. He wants us to do things for the passion, sacrifice and betterment of humanity because these are the things that truly feed the human soul. If the soul can never die and it is all that we carry from this life into the next, then living your entire life’s purpose to become a Real Estate Mogul will only become more problematic the closer you near the end of your life on earth. It is quite the double-edged sword to place your security in the hands of secular efforts. You would have to face the reality of all your life’s accomplishments slipping away from you right from your very deathbed. In this hypothetical narrative, your story ends right there, as it is death itself that ironically renders you the only provision of solace before taking your last breath.

Imagine as you die, you realize that you still have your thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, and experiences from your time on earth. Imagine that your life on earth had only consisted of things that you accumulated and had to leave behind. Now all you are left with is the real you, so you begin reaching deep down into the depths of your soul, only to become painfully aware that here in this new realm your soul is filled with pure emptiness. You become aware that the return on your earthly investments have wreaped you nothing here. You’ve stored up no treasures in your “House” at all, and now you finally understand what God meant all along, but it's already too late. Suddenly you are consciously aware that the spiritual realm feels more real than physical reality itself, and one would argue that you even feel more alive in this place. Those petty things which you thought were invisible and didn’t matter all that much on earth, as you’ve come to find, is perhaps even more valuable here in this realm. “If only Real Estate from earth could be converted into an inheritance here,” you think to yourself, but its all too futile. You are in the present moment now, and you are truly indeed spiritually bankrupt.

In objective supposition, postulate the presence of an enigmatic wisdom that lies within us, convicting our souls on the inside whenever more and more possessions are stored up outside of ourselves. This conviction results in the reality that we bring nothing with us that can transcend into any real purpose past this life. Some people cannot verbalize this anguish into words, nor can they even express or conceptualize this matter internally for themselves. Like Essau from the Old Testament Bible, who in the moment instantly traded his birthright for a hot meal, God does not want human beings in a similar fashion to trade our inheritance to feed our secular appetites that merely plague us in the moment.

In Conclusion, what we do know about success in the world is that famous Popstars such as Michael Jackson to Athletes like Kobe Bryant and even to Royalty like Princess Diana of Wales, each accumulated and each left everything they’ve ever amassed completely behind. While they each leave legacies and mountains of achievements here on earth, God has revealed that their best days are already behind them. In the end, remember to always bathe yourselves in complete and total conviction, for scripture literally tells you in the book of Hebrews that, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things that cannot be seen.” As a result of this revelation, one can only find true and genuine happiness from “knowing” that we have a viable future with God ahead of our lives here on earth. In that future, we absolutely have everything to hope for.

Luke 6:24 (AMP)

“But woe (judgment is coming) to you who are rich [and place your faith in possessions while remaining spiritually impoverished], for you are [already] receiving your comfort in full [and there is nothing left to be awarded to you].”

2nd Corinthians 5:6-7 (AMP) "So then, being always filled with good courage and confident hope, and knowing that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord— for we walk by faith, not by sight [living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident belief in God’s promises]"

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